It’s that time of year – again (already) – where we get to pick out a gift for the grandfather’s in our life. Your grandpa may tell you he doesn’t want anything – but taking him seriously on that just feels wrong. We’ve complied a few unique ideas for gifts that grandpa will appreciate.

1. Quality Time

Grandpa may not tell you that he wants you to call more (or heck, he may tell you all the time) but trust us – he probably wants to spend more time with you, on the phone or otherwise. Luckily that makes gift giving easy, because you can give grandpa the gift of quality time this year! Think of something your grandfather would really enjoy doing – fishing, eating at a restaurant, reminiscing while watching a film, listening to some live music – anything that he’s genuinely interested in. Draft up a voucher for quality time with grandpa, and specifically invite your grandfather to do something he will enjoy. Not only does this make for a great gift, but you’ll also make some pleasant memories in the process.


2. Great Books

Speaking from personal experience, my grandfather loves the gift of a great book. His personal interests are cars and history. I usually find a unique history book for him at a local historical site or museum, which often times carries self-published or small printings of interesting publications.




3. Hobby Craft Kits

These days, you can find a hobby craft kit to make pretty much anything, #amiright? Classic car kit? Yup. Moonshine kit? Yessir. DIY Racing Drone? Of course Grandpa wants that.


4. Warm, Functional Gifts (Like socks, yes SOCKS)

Look, grandpa’s are dad’s with more practice. That makes them twice as practical. So while Grandma may not appreciate the gift of socks or a warm scarf quite as much as something a bit more thoughtful, chances are Grandpa will. He’ll love the hand-knit socks you spent ages making. Or well-insulated gloves.


5. Music They’ll Remember

This gift doesn’t have to be particularly difficult. With a little sleuthing, you can find out some of grandpa’s favorite tunes and purchase them for him (you can send music through iTunes). Or even better, if your grandfather doesn’t have a way to listen to digital music portably, you can buy an mp3 player pretty inexpensively. Load it up with music your grandfather will love and we promise, he’ll love this gift! If you aren’t sure what type of music your grandpa likes, a great starting place is to look up hits from the decade he was a teenager in. Music is a powerful force, and can trigger lots of memories.


Well, folks, that’s it for our little list of gift ideas for your grandfather! We hope you enjoy, and if you try one of these ideas with success – comment below!